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Frequently Asked Questions

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custom made pool tablesCan I move my pool table myself?
If you have a coin operated, yes. If you have a three-piece slate table, it is not made to be moved assembled. You will hurt yourself, damage the table or both!

What is included when recovering my pool table?
We remove the old cloth and all the staples, check for loose or old rubber, level the table (foot adj.), wax seams if needed, and check for missing or damaged rail bolts (tap and die bolts as needed).

What is involved in changing the rubber?
This is a job where everyone else gets lazy. Not Atlas Billiards! When we install new rubber, it is as good as from the factory. We carefully do the following:

  • Remove the old rubber
  • Sand off the old rubber for a fresh glue base
  • Apply two coats of glue to wood and rubber
  • Install rubber at the correct height
  • Cut correct, clean angles at pockets
  • Sand angles flat
  • Glue on new facings
  • Cut facings to fit
  • Check rail anchors

Why can’t I level my pool table?
First, we use a custom-made level accurate to .001 of an inch. Second, if your table was not leveled correctly during the setup, it will never be level without taking it apart again and leveling it correctly. Third, each table has its own idiosyncrasies, so experience and knowledge are vital.

What type of cloth should I get?
It depends on who plays on the table, the skill level of the players and how serious you are about improving your game. Standard 21 oz. cloth is good for most people. If you can run five or six balls in a row, you might want to upgrade to Simonis or Brunswick Centennial cloth.

Please see the color chart for available colors.

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